Ethiopia Modernizes Air Traffic Control

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia 2013): Following the commissioning of modern surveillance equipment in the country, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) has graduated 24 Air Traffic Controllers in modern surveillance technology in a three round trainings conducted under a training project jointly organized by ECAA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

On the training project completion event, Colonel Wesenyeleh Hunegnaw, Director General of ECAA, said the attempt of modernizing the Air Traffic Management through the acquisition of modern surveillance technology and continuous training reveals the commitments of the Ethiopian government to realize a safe and efficient civil aviation service.

Speaking on the event, Mr. Muhammad Khawaj, ICAO Project Coordinator, said ADS-B technology of which the trainees have acquired operational skill, has proven to be more accurate, advanced and cost effective than RADAR. He also said, adopting this technology in providing safety in the skies of Ethiopia is a sign of the strategic vision of the Aviation management. According to Mr. Mohammed Khawaj, USA, Canada and Australia have started using this technology, however they didn’t cover their entire territories as Ethiopia has done. Adding, to his speech Mr. Mohammed Khawaj emphasized the fact that Ethiopia is probably the first country to implement the technology across the continent. The graduates, according to the project coordinator, have acquired the required knowledge and skill that makes them capable of operating both RADAR as well as Automatic Dependant Surveillance- Broadcast (ADS-B) systems.

As a result of the just completed training project, the surveillance technology has become operational for 24 hours. Ethiopian instructors, who have taken Train-The Trainer- course, have replaced ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau Instructors and currently conducting surveillance training by themselves.