Admission Admission


Admission Requirements

Those who posses college diploma or completed third year university studies in recognized University/College in any discipline with proficiency in the English language and having an age of 18 to 25 years shall be candidates for the following courses:-

  • Assistance Air Traffic Service Courses (ICAO No. 51)
  • Junior Aeronautical Information System Course (ICAO No. 21)
  • Basic Aeronautical Communication Course (ICAO No. 174)
  • Basic Aviation Security Course (ICAO No. 123 )

Complete assistant ATS course with 2-years exprience as an assistant ATC to attend:-

  • Aerodrome Air Trafic Control Service Course (ICAO No.52)

Complete Aerodrome ATC Service Course with 2 years exprience as aerodrome controller to attend:-

  • Approach Air Trafic Control Course (ICAO No.53)

Complete approach control course with 2 years exprience as an approach air traffic controller to attend:-

  • Area/Airways Air Traffic Control Course (ICAO No.55)

High school graduate with proficiency in the English language, who possesses 3rd grade driving license and physically fit to the job shall be a candidate for the following courses:-

  • Basic Fire Fighting Course ( ICAO No. 111)
  • Age limit 18 to 25 years(inclusive)

Complete basic radio maintenance course with at least 1-year practical exprience in the field to attend:-

  • Solid State Devices/Digital Techniques & Application Course( ICAO No.162)
  • Advanced microprocessor/Training Course (ICAO No. 162)

Complete Solid State/Digital techniques & Application Course to attend:

  • DSB/SSB Course (ICAO No. 169)

Complete DSB/SSB course with at least 1-years exprience radio maintenance to attend:-

  • HF/VHF Communication Equipment Maintenance Course (ICAO No. 163)

Related job exprience is required to attend:-

  • Basic Aeronautical Radio Maintenance Course( ICAO No. 161)
  • Advanced aeronautical radio Maintenance Course ( ICAO No.161)

NON ETHIOPIANS to be registered for the above courses shall have an Equivalent qualification requirement for each course as mentioned above and justified by the sponser