Communication Navigation & Surveillance Directorate Communication Navigation & Surveillance Directorate

The function of the CNS Engineering Directorate is to ensure the reliability and availability of all CNS facilities at airports and in the Ethiopian air space.

  • Prepare project profiles and technical specifications for all CNS required facilities and prepare Aviation System Upgrade Block (ASBU) as per ICAO requirement.
  • Install, test and commission newly purchased CNS facilities.
  • To study operational aspects of all CNS Equipment and determine the mean time between failures (MTBF) as well as mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Inspect, monitor and control the reliability and availability of CNS facilities.
  • Ensuring availability of spare parts for all CNS equipment to improve availability and efficiency of CNS facilities.
  • Provide technical trainings for CNS maintenance personnel on Communication and Navigation facilities.
  • Conduct routine and preventive maintenance of all CNS Equipment.
  • Maintenance of all ATS Communication, Navigation and surveillance Systems.
  • Flight check and calibrate all NAV Aids, PAPI and Approach lights.
  • Provide flight calibration service to Ethiopian airports enterprise and neighboring countries’ airports when requested.
  • Ensures all the services for the compliance with the standards and recommended practices (SARPS) of ICAO annex. 10.